3D Animation | Short Film

Animated Short – I’M

Project role:
Director, Script Writer, Animator, Modeling, Shading, Lighting, Scene Design

The title of this project: “I’M” is about following your heart in order to be a “fulfilled” human being. In life, we are so caught up in a rat race running for wealth and fame that we have allowed ourselves to be enslaved and blinded by the process, but is this what we really want or are we just sheep following the pipe piper’s dream of the masses? We think this trend is unhealthy. So we came up with this animation to invite the audience to rethink and reprioritize their values. Our message is: “Follow you heart and it will lead you to become a “true” human.

現今社會不停灌輸給我們的意識就是,價值取決於高度。 於是人們就只能在追求更多更多的名利之中奔波。 有高薪厚職,就是成功。要不然,就是失敗者。 在故事中,我們用高塔比喻追求名利的道路。 塔頂的聖火則表示上層社會的金錢名利。 在殘酷的競賽過程中,爬得越高時,大家開始互不相讓,開始不擇手段。 而你也漸漸忘記了本來的自己,成為洪流中的一份子。 在歷盡千辛萬苦到達高處時,你又會否想起自己當初是為了什麼目的往上爬? 這真的是你想追求的嗎? 還是只是活在社會給你定下的規則中?

隨心而行 找尋真我


  • 2016 第十屆 “科訊杯”《I’M》

– 一等獎 (境外組)

– 優秀動畫片 (總決賽)

  • 2015 Hong Kong ICT Awards《I’M》

– Best Digital Entertainment ( Animation )  Bronze Award

– 特別嘉許 (剪接/短片)

  • 2015 第八屆香港流動影片節《I’M》

– 最佳動畫 - 銅獎

  • 2014 Autodesk Panarama Student 3D Animation Contest《I’M》

– Storytelling Champion

  • 2014 「香港心」微電影創作比賽《I’M》

– 學生組冠軍

  • 2014 第十六屆TBS DIGICON6 ASIA大賞 (香港區)《I’M》

– Next Generation Award

  • 2014 HK Polytechnic University School of Design Annual Show《I’M》

– Best of Show ​


  • 2016 《I’M》Official Selection, Short Film Animation Competition, 13th Salento International Film Festival, Italy


  • 2016 《I’M》Official Selection, Tripoli Film Festival, Lebanon

  • 2016 《I’M》Selected, Market Screening, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival and Market, France