3D Animation | Short Film

太空計劃 Project Z

Project role:
Director, Script Writer, Animator, Modeling, Shading, Lighting, Scene Design


Founded by Dr. Z, Galaxy Z announces the Moon Landing mission and spearheads a space exploration frenzy worldwide. Woody, who has dreamt of becoming an astronaut, answers the enlistment call and applies for his cat – Blacky to be the first trial subject in space. The spacecraft carrying Blacky has lost contact with mission control. Woody has become the first astronaut to land on the moon five years later. In his first mission, he finds traces of Blacky. The moon landing mission seems to be full of secrets…

動畫製作: 黑洞貓媒體創作工作室  Black Hole Cat Studio

導演: 符氣健 Adrian Fu

動畫製作及故事: 符氣健 Adrian Fu

動畫製作及故事: 葉澤鋒 Fergus Yip

配樂及音效設計: Hydra Production

配音: DoubleDouble Creative & Production